Donate to CTA

Office Supplies

  • Cases of multi-purpose printer paper (white and colors)
  • General supplies (ball point pens, clip boards, staplers and staples, mailing labels, post it notes, folders)


  • Laser printers and multi-function machines
  • Laptop computers with the following minimum requirements:
    • PCs Windows 11 with Minimum 8GB RAM
    • Chromebooks within system update window

Snacks (for volunteers)

  • Paper goods (8-9 oz cups, napkins, small paper plates, paper towels)
  • Snack foods (cookies, pretzels, nuts, granola and cereal bars,
    snack or bite-size chocolate)
  • Gift Cards for Safeway, Giant, Staples, etc. so that our Site Coordinators can purchase snacks and tax site supplies.